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Harsh penalties for fentanyl analogues could be permanent

Illinois residents might have heard of the Stopping Overdoses of Fentanyl Analogues Act that is being considered by Congress. The Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Justice and the National Association of Attorneys General have all championed the SOFA Act, saying that it could be a solution to cut down on the illegal supply of fentanyl-like analogue drugs in the United States.

Racial gap still a problem in criminal sentencing

Racial disparity continues to affect the criminal justice system in Illinois and across the country, despite ongoing work for criminal justice reform. The Council on Criminal Justice, a nonpartisan group bringing together government officials, police representatives and advocates for justice reform, released a report saying that there were signs of significant positive progress in reducing the racial gap in imprisonment and sentencing. However, experts also noted that disparity continues to pose a serious barrier and that more needs to be done to make the system a fairer, less biased space for all.

Questioning the validity of blood pattern analysis

Illinois residents may be interested to learn how analyzing bloodstains after a shooting can help law enforcement identify a perpetrator. Blood splatter evidence is based on the physical way that blood behaves. It has been used in law enforcement since the late 19th century. In the United States, its prominence dates back to 1955. Blood splatter evidence has played a role in many well-known murder trials, including the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

What is aggravated battery?

People arrested on counts of violent crime in Illinois can face charges of aggravated battery and/or assault. Aggravated charges indicate the presence of circumstances that make the crime more serious than it would be otherwise. What this means for you if authorities charge you with aggravated battery is that you could face harsher penalties if convicted. 

Alleged attack of disabled teen leads to battery charges

Illinois state law regards battery against another person as aggravated, i.e., more serious and subject to harsher penalties, if the alleged victim has a disability. A 15-year-old girl with special needs reportedly became the victim of a beating in Cook County, Illinois, last week at the hands of peers. The four girls, ages 13 through 15, now face charges of aggravated battery in connection with the alleged attack. 

Emergency situation results in charges for Illinois mother

Authorities will sometimes bring special, separate charges against someone thought to have caused harm to a child, especially if they believe it to have been deliberate. The law does not extend any sort of protection or immunity to the child's parents, which means that the same types of charges can apply. At this time, a six-month-old infant from Aurora, Illinois, is in the hospital on life support, and his 23-year-old mother is in the county jail facing felony charges of battery against a child. 

What is included in the definition of domestic violence?

A charge or accusation of domestic violence in Illinois may be confusing to you if you have never reacted physically against a member of your household. Your confusion is understandable, as the general term includes a wider range of behaviors than a strict interpretation would suggest. 

Is trespassing a crime in Illinois?

Many people don’t stop to think about the potential legal ramifications of taking a shortcut through someone’s property or going urban exploring at an abandoned site. However, you and other Illinois residents may want to consider the fact that you could face criminal charges for trespassing, no matter how innocent your intentions were.

What is embezzlement?

"Embezzlement" is a term you may have read in Illinois newspapers or heard on TV. You may already know that it is a white-collar crime and involves stealing from your employer. However, according to FindLaw, what distinguishes embezzlement from simple theft is that you must be in a position of responsibility for the assets that you have allegedly taken. 

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