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Helping children of divorce enjoy the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Family Law |

The holiday season can be stressful for anyone living in Illinois. However, it’s often even more stressful after a divorce. That’s why separated parents should do everything that they can to ensure that their children have a happy experience during this time of year. Ideally, the adults will put their hurt feelings aside and listen to what their sons and daughters want to do.

By arguing with each other, parents may be hurting their children without realizing it. Parents should collaborate to figure out what their kids want from their holiday experience and take steps to meet those desires. Exes are encouraged to have civil conversations between themselves and with their kids when creating their plan. Children should be given an opportunity to spend time with grandparents and other extended family members. Furthermore, they should not feel pressured to choose between either parent.

How parents choose to resolve disputes related to parenting time and other issues will largely be determined by how well they can communicate with each other. In some cases, disputes can be resolved by holding private talks with or without an attorney present. In others, it’s necessary to settle a problem with the help of a mediator or some other neutral third-party.

If parents cannot communicate with each other, they may need to ask a judge to make a ruling. This ruling could be binding for good or in effect just throughout the holiday season. Child custody or visitation orders can be changed or modified at any time if there is reason to believe that a child is not safe while with a parent. An attorney may help a parent gather evidence showing that an existing order should be modified.