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How divorce mediators help divorcees

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Family Law |

Illinois couples who are getting a divorce will have some issues to work through. Whether it’s custody matters, alimony payment, or how to divide assets, there are going to be plenty of areas in which arguments may occur. So how can a couple get through these arguments?

FindLaw states that this is where divorce mediation may come in handy. Divorce mediators can come in to help couples as they work through their split, providing clarity, equity, and helping couples work out solutions to problems they may have. Their primary duty is to help both parties come to agreements on everything – or close to everything – they disagree on in a way that both parties find relatively fair. They also help eliminate arguments as they arise, ensuring each party has an equal amount of time to get their points across. reminds divorcing parties that what mediators cannot do is make decisions for another person. They can only offer suggestions based on the information they have collected and what they believe the most beneficial choice would be. They can guide a couple, but the couple will have the final say in what they choose to use and discard. Mediators also will not focus on attempting to “fix” the relationship of the divorcing couple, which is a common misconception people have.

For the aforementioned reasons, those who are having issues reaching agreements in their divorce may find the aid of mediators to be beneficial. It is certainly an option worth looking into for those who believe it may suit their needs.