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What are post-divorce modifications?

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2019 | Family Law |

As a divorced resident in Illinois, you have already jumped through all of the hoops for legally ending a marriage. However, after these decisions have been made and the terms have been settled, the life circumstances that led to them may not stay the same. Will you be stuck with old, outdated terms forever?

Fortunately, this is where post-divorce modifications come in. Post-divorce modifications are exactly what they sound like: changing the terms of the divorce after they have been decided. Terms that need changing are typically related to child custody, spousal support payments, and visitation schedules.

The reason for these changes can vary vastly as well. For example, spousal or child support payments can change because your financial situation has. If you have lost a job and were paying support, the amount due may decrease. Payments may also be lowered if the recipient of the support marries into a new family, due to the strengthened finances.

Visitation schedules may change if your spouse has to relocate or move, particularly for reasons related to work or the military. Custody arrangements can be changed for similar reasons of military deployment, or if the primary custodian ends up being incarcerated or sent to jail.

Your life will likely not remain the same as it was when you first got a divorce. The terms of the divorce shouldn’t have to stay the same, either. If you need matters of custody, support payments or visitation schedules changed, consider contacting an attorney to get the process started.