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What are the benefits of traffic safety school?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Driver's License Reinstatement |

Maybe you were arrested for drunk driving, or you were cited for speeding or driving recklessly. You may even have been involved in too many accidents or got in trouble for driving aggressively or were suspected of targeting someone in a road rage incident. There are many reasons the court may have ordered you to attend traffic safety school. Like other Illinois residents in the same position, you may wonder what you stand to gain by attending.

The National Safety Council explains that court-mandated traffic safety school can reduce administrative costs and court congestion related to moving violations, accidents and traffic arrests, which can direct taxpayer funds to other areas. When people attend traffic safety school, it can also make the roads safer for everyone. But these benefits apply to the court system and the public, not you, you may argue. However, attending a court-mandated class can also benefit you in several ways. Agreeing to complete a traffic safety course may reduce or eliminate the penalties related to your charges, including fines and jail time. You can also learn valuable safety information and skills that can make you a safer driver and reduce your chances of being injured or killed in a crash. Completing a traffic safety course can also allow you to keep your driving privileges.

It may seem annoying to be ordered to attend a traffic safety class. However, the benefits you gain from a class can be worth the inconvenience. The information in this post is meant to educate you, but it should not replace the advice of a lawyer.