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Emergency situation results in charges for Illinois mother

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Authorities will sometimes bring special, separate charges against someone thought to have caused harm to a child, especially if they believe it to have been deliberate. The law does not extend any sort of protection or immunity to the child’s parents, which means that the same types of charges can apply. At this time, a six-month-old infant from Aurora, Illinois, is in the hospital on life support, and his 23-year-old mother is in the county jail facing felony charges of battery against a child. 

An emergency situation arose on Friday of last week in a home in Aurora. It is not clear exactly who made the call that summoned responders to the scene, although mother and child were reportedly alone in the home at the time. When responders arrived, the baby was unconscious on the family room floor. As the responders attempted to revive the infant with CPR, the mother informed them that he had suddenly stopped breathing. 

Medics arrived to transport the baby to the hospital. Upon arrival, an examination revealed a fractured skull and other signs of severe trauma. The hospital was unable to provide him with the necessary care and airlifted him to a trauma center in Chicago. 

His mother now faces Class 2 Felony charges of aggravated domestic battery and Class X Felony Charges of aggravated battery to a child under age 13. Authorities have not indicated whether she has provided any explanation for the child’s injuries. 

Few further details regarding this case are available at this time. Charges of domestic assault and/or battery are extremely serious, and it may be helpful for those facing them to obtain legal representation.