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How do I pay my reinstatement fee online?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Driver's License Reinstatement |

Losing your driver’s license is a huge inconvenience, but getting it reinstated is not in Illinois. The Office of the Illinois Secretary of State created a system to allow you to pay your reinstatement fees online. This means you no longer have to physically go somewhere to pay the fees. Since this is often the last step you take before getting your driver’s license back, having the ability to do it so easily from the comfort of your own home is very nice.

To access the system, you need to go to the Secretary of State’s website. You have to have a credit card to pay with. You can pay only one fee at a time. For every payment you make, the system charges a 2.35 percent fee. To get to your records and ensure you pay the correct fee and amount, you need to have either your driver’s license number or your full name and birthdate. After you pay, you get a receipt by email.

It is important to note that not all fees are payable through the online system. However, the design of the system is to allow payment for fees related to reinstating a license, so it does accept most fees you have to pay. For example, you may pay any suspension fees due to traffic-related offenses, revocation fees, field sobriety test failure fees, DUI fees, zero tolerance fees and fees related to not having proper insurance. Related fees, such as towing and failure to appear, also are payable in the system. If your suspension was due to not paying child support, those are also accepted payments. Finally, you may also pay parking and tollway fees. This information is for education and is not legal advice.