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Stop wrongful accusations for a fair divorce

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Why do people falsely accuse their spouses of various crimes, such as battery and assault? In Illinois, the answer is sometimes simple: They could want the kids, the house or the money. 

At the Law Offices of Johnson & Buh, we tenaciously pursue every legal option available in order to restore our clients’ reputations in preparation for a successful divorce process. Regardless of how bad any situation you found yourself in might seem, there could still be a solution that saves you from long-term consequences, such as inordinately burdensome support payments or unfavorable childcare decision-making privileges. 

False accusations of domestic violence are some of the most common problems we see preceding a divorce. We have even seen one spouse use another’s criminal history to try and support the frivolous charges. We believe that getting married and starting a family often changes people, regardless of any legal issues present in the past. 

Law enforcement departments and courts have the power to enforce and issue a restraining order against you on behalf of your spouse — something that might make it difficult to establish a strong position in divorce negotiations. Fighting any spurious claims that impugn your capacity as a good spouse or parent could be the key to getting the justice you deserve.

Getting a fair divorce is still possible when one party has a criminal record — but we usually only see this in cases where the spouses are working together. For contentious situations, you would probably have a better chance at a favorable outcome if you were to deal with any criminal charges first. Please read on at our main website.