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Should you consider taking a paternity test?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Uncategorized |

As a parent in Illinois who is in the process of getting a divorce, you will also have to deal with matters like child custody and support. If you do not already have established paternity over your child, it may be something to look into.

BRT Laboratories, INC, takes a look at the different reasons that fathers just like you end up taking paternity tests. Of the reasons, some have to do with matters of inheritance or life insurance policies. If you’re worried that a child may be overlooked for inheritance or be unable to access life insurance in the case of your passing, a paternity test may be right for you.

Equally relevant during divorce are matters of child support and custody. It’s possible in some cases for one parent to make claims disputing the validity of the child’s father. If you do not have a way to disprove these claims, then you may risk losing your visitation rights, or your ability to petition for custody. 

On the other hand, there may be situations in which you do not believe that you fathered the child in question and therefore should not have to pay for child custody support. You may even be a parent who wishes for the other spouse to pay for child support, but don’t have a way to legally prove they are the father yet. In all of these cases, a paternity test would be useful. Regardless of what your unique circumstance is, consider contacting an attorney to see if paternity testing can help you.