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Penalties for driving on a suspended license in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Driver's License Reinstatement |

There are many ways to get your driver’s license suspended or revoked, ranging from reckless driving to intoxication to not paying court-ordered child support. At the Law Offices of Johnson & Buh, we understand it can be frustrating to have a suspended license, especially when you have important places to go, such as your job or picking your child up from school. It might be tempting to assume you can get in your car for a short drive, crossing your fingers that you will not get caught, especially if you can’t afford to pay the fines associated with your suspension. However, the consequences for driving with a suspended or revoked license in Illinois are even steeper than the original penalties.

According to FindLaw, the following penalties can apply if you are pulled over driving with a suspended license:

  • A misdemeanor charge, with a minimum of 10 days to up to one year in jail
  • A $2,500 fine
  • Possible community service for 30 days

What do you need to do to get your license back? Usually, you will need to attend a hearing with a state hearing officer and pay the fees associated with your suspension, which can range from $70 to $500, depending on why you lost your license. You may need to complete alcohol or drug counseling and install an alcohol ignition interlock device on the vehicles you regularly drive. You will also need to become current on child support arrears.

Getting your license back can be a complex process. However, as our page explains, taking the proper steps and seeking experienced counsel may help you get on track to drive legally again.