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Drunk driver caught with open liquor bottle in passenger seat

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2018 | Blog |

Illinois police officers recently arrested a woman passed out with her engine running at a gas station parking lot. What they discovered was an open liquor bottle resting on the seat next to her and a record of over six DUI arrests in multiple states across the country. Law enforcement officers have named her among the “worst DUI offenders” in America.

The woman smelled heavily of alcohol and was found in a state of physical and mental dishevelment. She claimed to be looking for one of her 11 children at the time of the arrest. But police admitted her into custody after refusing to take a sobriety test. The woman, 41 refused to tell the truth about her name, birth date, and made false allegations of being pregnant, which forced officers to take her to the hospital.

Past and present charges

Three delinquent DUI warrants already exist on the woman’s criminal record for not appearing in court at her scheduled time. In addition to this, her most recent DUI offense included the following charges:

  • Two felony charges for drunk driving
  • Two misdemeanor charges for drunk driving
  • No auto-insurance
  • Driving on a revoked license
  • Driving with an open alcohol container

In prior arrest records, the woman has received a DUI while having her children in the vehicle with her and breastfeeding.

Illinois is strict on DUI offenses

Illinois is among the strictest states when it comes to drunk driving convictions. The steep financial penalties include a minimum of $18, 0303 for first-time convictions. These fines increase substantially for continual DUI offenses.

Sometimes DUI guilt is obvious and easy to convict, as in the story above. However, it helps to know that not everyone accused of a DUI is truly guilty of committing this type of offense. Various factors may interfere with a fair assessment that a qualified attorney can identify and defend before the court.