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Is shroom legalization next?

Marijuana isn't the only Schedule II drug with claims of medical benefits. In recent years, some have claimed that taking tiny doses of psilocybin -- a practice called "microdosing" -- can boost focus, creativity and problem-solving without harmful effects. Now,...

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What is embezzlement?

"Embezzlement" is a term you may have read in Illinois newspapers or heard on TV. You may already know that it is a white-collar crime and involves stealing from your employer. However, according to FindLaw, what distinguishes embezzlement from simple...

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Am I okay to drive? 3 Ways to check.

Drinking alcohol makes us less self-aware. So, when it's time to go home, some of us might feel apprehensive about driving. Consuming any amount of alcohol limits a person's driving skills. But, exceeding the legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit of 0.08 percent can...

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