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How adult children cope with divorce

As more and more retired parents decide to end their marriage, a higher number of adult children are left having to cope with this sudden shift in family structure. Unfortunately, not many studies offer insight into how divorce can affect adult children. One thing is clear, though: they are affected just as much as younger children.

The Institute for Family Studies discusses helping adult children of divorce find their voices. Many adult children suffer in silence. There is a common misconception among many parties that as adults, they should be able to "handle" the split more easily than a young child. On the contrary, early studies have found that adult children may have more trouble adjusting. This could be because they have lived a longer time with their current family dynamic in place.

Important ways to prepare your finances for divorce

It won't be long after deciding to divorce that you begin to ponder the impact on your finances.

The way you prepare your finances for divorce can be the difference between success and failure. If you take the right steps, you'll feel confident in your ability to avoid mistakes and reduce tension. But if you go down the wrong path, you could run into one issue after the next.

How to reinstate your driver's license

When Illinois officials either suspend or revoke your license, you usually have to get your license reinstated so you can legally drive again. At the Law Offices of Johnson and Buh, we know it is important for you to understand how this process works.

To get your license reinstated, you typically have to attend a hearing. This hearing may be either formal or informal. You may think you can choose which type of hearing you have but this is not usually the case. You may have to attend a formal hearing if officials suspended your license because your offense resulted in a fatality. Additionally, a formal hearing may be necessary if you have had several DUI convictions. You may be able to have an informal hearing if your offense did not result in a fatality. Minor traffic violations may also qualify for an informal hearing, as well as individual DUIs. 

Penalties you might experience after a DUI

Imagine heading home after a night out in Chicago. Only a few blocks from your house, you suddenly see red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. The police are pulling you over. The next thing you know, you are in the back of a squad car and the police have charged you with driving under the influence (DUI).

In Illinois, like in most states, a DUI is a very serious matter. If convicted, you could face jail time, lose your license and owe thousands in fines. Here are a few other penalties that you could face after a DUI conviction.

What is aggravated battery?

People arrested on counts of violent crime in Illinois can face charges of aggravated battery and/or assault. Aggravated charges indicate the presence of circumstances that make the crime more serious than it would be otherwise. What this means for you if authorities charge you with aggravated battery is that you could face harsher penalties if convicted. 

According to the Illinois General Assembly, there are a number of complex factors that, if present during the alleged crime, could lead to charges of aggravated battery. These factors include the use of a weapon, location, an individual's status and the injury that allegedly results. 

Alleged attack of disabled teen leads to battery charges

Illinois state law regards battery against another person as aggravated, i.e., more serious and subject to harsher penalties, if the alleged victim has a disability. A 15-year-old girl with special needs reportedly became the victim of a beating in Cook County, Illinois, last week at the hands of peers. The four girls, ages 13 through 15, now face charges of aggravated battery in connection with the alleged attack. 

Video purported to show the alleged attack emerged on social media a few days thereafter. The video reportedly shows the girl screaming and trying to protect herself as several other girls surround her while throwing punches. It is not clear who recorded the video, but whoever it was reportedly started laughing when a female figure wearing shorts and a black tank top appeared to initiate the incident by punching the girl from behind. 

Moving with children might be difficult after divorce

Moving after a divorce is a good way to start fresh. For most parents, this is a local move that won't matter much when it comes to the child custody order. If your move is going to be farther away from your current location, you need to do some homework to find out what you might need to do so you can take your children with you if you are the primary caregiver.

One thing to remember is that your ex will likely have the ability to object to the move. If this occurs, you will need to show that the move is in your child's best interests. The court is going to look at several factors to determine if this the case. Remember, it doesn't matter if the move is good for you. It only matters how it will affect the kids.

What are post-divorce modifications?

As a divorced resident in Illinois, you have already jumped through all of the hoops for legally ending a marriage. However, after these decisions have been made and the terms have been settled, the life circumstances that led to them may not stay the same. Will you be stuck with old, outdated terms forever?

Fortunately, this is where post-divorce modifications come in. Post-divorce modifications are exactly what they sound like: changing the terms of the divorce after they have been decided. Terms that need changing are typically related to child custody, spousal support payments, and visitation schedules.

Divorce is dangerous for business owners

If you own a business and are considering a divorce, it is important to choose your priorities carefully. While this may come as a surprise, the law typically classifies businesses as personal property, meaning that your spouse may have a legitimate claim to a portion of your business or its value.

If you want your business to survive your divorce, you must build your divorce strategy with this goal in mind. Otherwise, the business that you own may not make it through your divorce. With a strong, well-planned divorce strategy, you can make wise compromises while keeping your rights and priorities protected until your divorce is final.

Emergency situation results in charges for Illinois mother

Authorities will sometimes bring special, separate charges against someone thought to have caused harm to a child, especially if they believe it to have been deliberate. The law does not extend any sort of protection or immunity to the child's parents, which means that the same types of charges can apply. At this time, a six-month-old infant from Aurora, Illinois, is in the hospital on life support, and his 23-year-old mother is in the county jail facing felony charges of battery against a child. 

An emergency situation arose on Friday of last week in a home in Aurora. It is not clear exactly who made the call that summoned responders to the scene, although mother and child were reportedly alone in the home at the time. When responders arrived, the baby was unconscious on the family room floor. As the responders attempted to revive the infant with CPR, the mother informed them that he had suddenly stopped breathing. 

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