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Whenever there are questions about the paternity of a child, all parties involved need clear and dependable legal advice. If you are involved in a paternity matter, the Law Offices of Johnson & Buh in Geneva, Sycamore and Wheaton, Illinois, is here to help. Your attorney will help you identify the child's biological father, whether you are the mother or the putative father.

Paternity Law In Illinois

The paternity of a child has serious legal implications. In Illinois, when a woman who gives birth is currently married or was married within 300 days of the child's birth, the mother's spouse is presumed to be the father. However, parents do not receive this presumption if they are unmarried, even if they are in a committed relationship and are planning to get married.

This means you may need to establish your child's paternity even when there is no doubt who the father is. It may also be necessary when the man you believe is the father is denying paternity or if the biological father's identity is unclear.

Why Proving Paternity Is Important

Paternity matters because it allows the biological father to establish parental rights over the child, allowing him to receive parenting time or joint parental responsibility. It also benefits the mother, if she is seeking child support. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, knowing the child's paternity entitles the child to be the father's heir, qualify for Social Security and other benefits, and be included on the father's health insurance. It also helps the child's doctors know more about his or her medical history.

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