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Few decisions create the level of stress and anxiety that are associated with a divorce. Whether you and your spouse have mutually agreed to separate, you have been served with divorce papers unexpectedly, or you have made the decision to end your marriage alone, we understand the pressure you are facing. Fear of the unknown can amplify your stress. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Johnson & Buh, with offices in Geneva, Sycamore and Wheaton, are tenacious advocates who can guide you through this difficult time to a better tomorrow.

Your Goals And Interests Are Our Top Priority

Resolving family law disputes amicably often allows the parties to maintain more control over the outcome. However, with emotions running high, the opposing party is not always willing to settle conflict reasonably. To that end, we prepare every case for trial from the outset. We are fully prepared to fight for the rights of our clients when negotiations break down. In high-asset divorces and high-conflict divorces we have access to forensic accountants, business valuation professionals and appraisers for evaluations and evidence to provide a strong position in trial.

We have extensive experience in obtaining optimal results for clients in all aspects of an Illinois divorce, including:

When you retain our divorce attorneys to stand up for your rights you will quickly learn that your interests are our top priority. You will be teaming up with trial lawyers who have in-depth knowledge of Illinois family law. Moreover, we will not treat you as just another file number. You will have access to your lawyer. The firm believes strongly in maintaining open communications with our clients every step of the way.

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